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ImageKlebor is a tool that can combine multiple input images (like chunks of a sliced image or frames of an animation) into a single output image. All images can be arbitrarily arranged on a grid (which may also be a horizontal or vertical stripe), and several extended options let you put together your various image slices with ease.

ImageKlebor comes in two flavors: the graphical (GUI) version lets you put together your images in a visual (manual) way, while the command-line version is especially useful for pipeline integration and automated tasks.

ImageKlebor is available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX. The Windows version comes as a setup, the Linux version comes as an archive that simply needs to be extracted to a location of your choice, the MacOSX version comes as a disk image that can be easily installed into your /Applications folder. All versions contain both the graphical and the command-line version, several examples, as well as a comprehensive manual.

And best of all, ImageKlebor is completely free, even for commercial use.


Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOSX
Release date: 29.07.2010
File size: Windows: 15.3 mb Linux: 14.0 mb MacOSX: 18.8 mb
License: Freeware