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Beside our own products, we also offer software development services of all kinds. You're looking for an application that just perfectly fits your needs, but can't find it? You have the best web design ever, but need someone who brings it to life? Look no further, as we are just the right company to help you.

Our skills include, but are not limited to:

Programming and scripting languages

• C++
• C#
• Objective C
• Java
• Python
• Delphi
• Mel (Maya scripting language)


General technologies

• Windows, Linux and Macintosh
• .NET
• Network/Socket programming
• SQL-based database development
• MFC, QT and wxWidgets
• DirectX


Web technologies

• JavaScript
• MySQL database integration
• Flash and ActionScript
• CGI development (Python and Perl)


Application development

In a highly interactive and demanding world like ours, the need for custom applications tailored exactly to your needs has never been as high as today. From simple calculation helpers to full-featured data management solutions, companies are often not satisfied with the products available on the market. This is why we do not just offer our own products, but also custom application development.

Web development

The complexity of websites is ever increasing. New technologies, new web standards, new user demands - the web is changing faster and faster. We at Shoran Software offer everything involved in web development, from simple website building with HTML and CSS, to writing PHP scripts and database integration.

Flash development

A high number of websites uses Flash elements for navigation and content presentation, and Flash games have already taken over the casual gamers among us. Flash can be used in numerous way, and has become highly popular these days. From Flash menus to full games, we offer all kinds of Flash development.

How to contact us

The above is just a very brief overview of what we have to offer. If you got an idea you want to bring to life, simply contact us. We will be glad to answer all your questions and offer you a solution that both fits your needs and is affordable.